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Month: January 2016

Catch Me on the ‘Chicks Who Script’ Podcast, Episode the 72nd

I forgot to ask if being a guest on the Chicks Who Script podcast makes me an honorary chick, or if that’s an honor reserved for something else. Regardless, I had a fun time discussing the art, science, and torture of TV-making and the business of writing with the three very enthusiastic hosts of Chicks Who Script, a podcast, as the website says, “by women, for everyone”.

It’s a wide-ranging discussion and if you give it a listen, you will learn fascinating tidbits such as what Marvel hero I have a crush on, why I tried to quit screenwriting, what my first development meeting with Amazon was like, how the casting process for our show went, and how I got started screenwriting in the first place. Also, I step on a landmine made out of Star Trek trailers.

I had fun and I think you will to. Hop on over iTunes and subscribe, or visit the CWS website and entertain yourself!


The Man Who Was There

This was my first exposure to David Bowie. I was about 9 years old, staying up late and watching SNL, and witnessed the single most mind-bending, consciousness-expanding performance I had ever seen in my short number of years. It was one of the those moments when an artist goes beyond the art and sort of shows you a world of potential far outside anything you had imagined before. There are few moments like that in a lifetime.

David Bowie is one of the rarest sort of creatures — he plays a significant role in every generation. His time was every time. No matter what age you are, there exists a pivotal David Bowie moment in your life. He was what you were listening to in high school in the 60s or 70s or 80s or 90s, right on up to the present day. That’s an amazing feat, and it’s humbling. Bowie connects us all.

Update 01/17/16
It’s gratifying to see this performance impacted so many others as it did me.

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