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The Final Season of GORTIMER debuts July 15th on Amazon Prime USA

It’s been a long wait — too long — but your patience is about to be rewarded. The epic “second half of Season 2” Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street will arrive on Amazon Prime Video in the USA on July 15th. (Amazon’s lawyers won’t let us call it “Season 3”.)

13 new episodes. One crazy street. Here’s the trailer:

Season 3 — I mean 2B — brings some surprises. Gortimer grapples with the news he might be leaving Normal Street. Mel adjusts to a life without her mother. And Ranger finally succumbs to the effects of taking on the weight of everyone else’s problems in a way you can only do on Normal Street. There are more than a few episodes in this batch that put a lump in my throat.

Check out the official announcement and first look at not-season-three of Gorimter on etonline.com.

There’s also a “bonus” retrospective trailer on the Amazon Prime Video web page-page. Check it out.


  1. I really hope this series is released on DVD/Blu-ray. It’s wonderful. I’m sorry to hear it has to end. :(

  2. My girls are sad that this series is coming to an end. Thank you for creating wholesome family entertainment that is funny and witty, with good morals without being preachy.

    • It was hard for us to say goodbye too. We’ve never shrunk from the real-life experiences of growing up on the show, and the truth is — all things must pass. Thank you for inviting us into your home, and I hope I’ll have something new to show you soon.

      • Wait, is it really over. If it is i will be very sad. I loved this show and its mysteries plot twists. Do you have any recommendations on what I should watch next. Thank you for the great show.

  3. Was the end of the series planned, or did Amazon cancel it? IMDB had a hyphen in the date, so I had no idea it was ending until it did.

    I can pretty easily discover a fault in any show, but there was none in this one. The concept was splendid, the writing was superb (as a burgeoning writer myself the writing has to be rather impressive to earn such praise from me) the actors were stupendous (I am running out of accolades) and the abject magical-ness which was interwoven into the story lines brought such a wonderful glow to each and every moral lesson (disguised as an escapade). An extra “bravo” for developing REAL female characters. Seriously. Thank you. I only wish I had had such a lovely role model as Mel when I was growing up.

    Had this show been marketed as a “regular” show (as in, not a kid show) it would have had a much wider audience. (There. I found the weakness. The show was undersold/improperly marketed) I am a 55 year old woman who very much enjoyed every single episode. I watched it from the beginning – due to the unusual name Gortimer, and at the end I kept hoping some weird plot twist would keep Gortimer on Normal Street. Wow. What a downer.

    • Thank you so much for your kind comments, Anita. I planned for the show to be three seasons and done. Three years of middle school. I didn’t want to do high school drama. That’s a whole other thing. And I was happy to end it on a high note and go out before we ran the wheels off of it.

      I never thought of the show as a kid’s show. I wrote it for the kid in all of us. I’m glad it found its way to you. Thanks for watching to the end.

      • Divakar Rajashekaran

        February 26, 2017 at 10:32 am

        You caught my feelings exactly in the last paragraph, it’s just made so many memories torrent in me at the very end. Thanks for the wonderful work, my kids, my wife and myself we enjoyed the show very much

      • Sophia Archer

        May 30, 2017 at 9:00 pm

        Love this show! I’m 48, my daughter 10, and it was one of the few shows that encompassed the morals and values I want to instill in my child. Thank you. We will watch the episodes we can, over and over!

    • I agree 100%. I am 60 and got far more excited to watch new episodes than my 6 yr old twin grandsons…and they begged to watch more episodes all the time. We savored them. We want a friend like Gort, as we fondly refer to him. I an rather sick that the series seems to end. I want that future we saw to be only what Gort dreamed…and let the lives of Gort and friends continue to unfold together in the town.

  4. This show is amazing I don’t want it to end. The actors are fantastic. It’s so well written. I love how it handles the tough parts of growing up so well. I want to see more of Gortimer and the gang.

  5. Thank you for making one of the best series I have ever seen. I am 27 years old and honestly the last season made me both laugh and cry – I found it so moving and gripping, and I just wanted to thank you for sharing with us this amazing world of characters that remind us of what it’s like to be good and kind and caring. I’ll really miss Normal Street!

  6. I hate how gorrtimor moves

    • I know. We were all very sad on set too.

      I can only say — all things must pass, James. Part of growing up is sometimes having to say goodbye. In a world of endless sequels and prequels and sidequels, and where heroes are killed and resurrected and rebooted, we never have to face the truth sometimes. The show has never shied away from being truthful, even if it’s a truth that hurts a little.

  7. Will there be a “normal street” series with a new cast for 3 more seasons? Kind of like Degrassi did?

  8. My daughter and I have so enjoyed watching the Normal Street gang. The characters are interesting, kind, and quirkily authentic. There were tears when we watched the last few episodes. All mine. Lots of them. Thank you.

  9. As with several above I found that I probably enjoyed the show more than my kids.
    I loved that it dealt with kids having to deal with those things in life that are necessary, if regrettable, components of growing up.
    I loved that it was teaching morals for life in a way that I could see so clearly in adult retrospect, but which my kids were as yet blissfully ignorant of. Many times I found myself exclaiming to my 8 year old that I *really* loved the show, for reasons that were difficult to articulate to her in terms she would understand, but which I hope she will comprehend when it comes time for her to traverse those life hurdles depicted in the show.
    Finally I love the gender roles, with smart and independant girls, and creative and occasionally vulnerable boys.
    Desperately sad that it’s finished, but ever so grateful to have been able to come along for the ride.

  10. Such a good show…Hate that it had to end…watched it with my 11yr old son and 9 and 7yr old daughter we still talk about the show all the time

  11. This might be one of the best kids shows we have ever seen, we don’t seem to make quality shows for kids like this in the uk. We are watching it again, it was just so good…

    • Greetings from across the pond! I don’t know what’s on TV now in the UK, but if I can tragically date myself — I’ll always be grateful for The Tomorrow People! Anyway, thanks for watching.

  12. We haven’t watched the final few episodes as of yet, and look forward to these last cherished life lessons. My wife and I are in our 60’s and adopted an 11 year old girl, who absolutely loves the series, the characters and the magical life lessons weaved throughout the series. I have seen many shows for kids and adults in my life, none of them hold a candle to this series. My personal thanks and may God bless you and all involved in the show. Thanks

  13. Thank you so much for GG and his pals. Watching the series was a rare joy. I hope the series lives on in the Amazon catalog for a long time so that other people can discover it and enjoy it. It is one of the few shows I have seen that has something for everyone. I’m looking forward to what you dream of next.

  14. Watched with my 9 yr old daughter over holiday break – watched “late” into the night as we were instantly hooked! Great life lessons and values in fun and anything but normal situations – you have helped me bond with my daughter who will be starting middle school next year – thx for the memories

  15. I started watching this show with my boys (at the time, 6 and 4) when the 1st season premiered. We were hooked. We always looked forward to the next season. This last season was spectacular. Thank you for making a show that appealed to that kid in all of us. We will remember these characters for a long time.

  16. My 6 year old daughter and I laughed, cried and learned a lot together. Thank you Anaxagoras, Normal street will be passed down to my son and new daughter.

  17. So sad to realize there is no more. Why aren’t there more shows like this for my kids. We can both enjoy them together. Perfection. I never had concern with what they were watching. This filled a hole in the market.

  18. You did a fabulous job with this show. I enjoyed every episode. Thank you.

  19. Best Show Ever for my girls! We love this show and are so sad it has come to an end.

  20. Karalee Malaela

    January 19, 2017 at 5:51 pm

    This is the best show! Good clean family entertainment. I was sad that there weren’t more seasons, do you have anything new in the works?

  21. This was the best show since the Wonder Years. Seriously. The end really nails that feeling of sad change that everyone must experience. We’ll mis it.

  22. My family loves this show. We cried, we laughed, and our hearts broke at its conclusion. It was very well written and casted. I understand the decision to end it but it feels as if we lost three friends. Nonetheless, we thank you for experience.

  23. Our family must concur, we watch together. I think the mid 40’s parents that we are, we may enjoy this more than our 7 & 10 year old daughters. I, the dad, only started seeing episodes a week ago and tonight was the finale. Spot on! While I feel like many of the previous comments, I must agree with your decisions, middle school, do not beat it to death. I want moooore, Therefore, you have succeeded beyond your intial intentions! A nd while I do not like to compare this show to another; I believe that Gortimer is as good, if not better than The Wonder Years. The characters are immediately likable, comical, smart and level headed. I could go on and on, while I have only seen 4 episodes; I will watch the series from the beginning. Production value is great too. Nothing but many many thumbs up here. Loved it in PA. Thank you!

  24. This was such a brilliant show my mum and I loved watching it together. What is your new project and how long will we have to wait?

  25. Too bad that they couldn’t have failed eighth grade, thus giving us another season ;). Outstanding show…our family just stumbled across the show two weeks ago (we have watched an episode or two each night). As we approach the last show, I want to echo many of the comments and celebrate your work, nicely done :).

  26. I don’t know that I can say much that hasn’t already been so eloquently and passionately stated by those above, but thank you, so very much, for creating a show that kids and adults can watch together. Side-by-side we laughed, cried, and learned. It was engrossing television- the plots were wonderful, the characters authentic, and the lessons organic.

    You have made a loyal viewer out of me- I will watch or read anything you pen in the future, and I look forward to what you might do next (although even if you do nothing after this, I congratulate you for a career well done).

    Thank you!

  27. My 10 year old daughter & I are crying after just watching the final episode. We are so sad to see it end, but thank you very much for gracing us with an amazing show to enjoy time together!! Can’t wait to see what wonderful show you’ll come up with next!

  28. Wow! My 12 year old and I just watched the final episode of this beautiful show. My daughter and I enjoyed the artistic components, incredible acting, life lessons and music that made this show outstanding. Loved how it always had an unpredictable fantasy side yet showed what is truly important; friendship, compassion, acceptance and love. Thank You!

  29. A bit gutted to discover that the series is limited; it’s rare a show comes along that combines smart writing, humor and poignancy in the way that you folks did with this program.

    Having said that, I applaud your decision to keep it finite — while both my kids and I would love more, there is something special about a self-contained story that doesn’t drone on ad infinitum, and it’s nice that my kids get to experience that. Good TV is one of my favorite tools to teach my kids about storytelling and narrative form, and Gortimer sure is a great example of the craft done right.

    Anyhow, I’ll be following your future work. Kudos on having created a very special story.


  30. David, thank you for your hard work and creativity. My family has been challenged throughout the past few years, and your show has brought us closer together as a family. Thank you!

  31. PLEASE SEASON 3!!!

  32. Just watched your final episode.with my 10 year old daughter. We both loved it and every other one. Such a good show. So complete. Clearly made with heart and soul. You should be proud of what you have created. A really wonderful accomplishment. It had us gripped from start to finish. Thank you for enhancing some of the time we have spent together and inspiring us to have our own adventures and make real memories. Very well done and our best wishes for your future projects. We will miss Gortimer and co. but look forward to seeing his legacy within other works of art…

  33. I don’t care about it being on DVD or not but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a season 3 because I almost cried when Gortimer left normal street….please I beg you I can’t go without a season 3 of your show its one of my big entertainment….I hope you take my idea seriously but if not THANK YOU for the entertainment!!!! I loved it

  34. The Drashig Doctor

    February 25, 2017 at 6:37 pm

    Could you make movies and spinoffs? I love this series and I’m sad to see it end. It’s a cartoony, loveable, properly executed show that’s everything it needs to be and even though the show is over there’s ways to bring it back without another season.

  35. I don’t know how we missed season 2B of Gortimer Gibbons. I blame my smart tv’s terrible Prime interface. My two daughters who are 10 and 8 love this show as do I. We are watching it now and I feel such a sense of sadness that it will be over soon. I love how the kids aren’t smart mouthed teens who over act a la Disney channel. The kids seem like genuine good kids, the type of children you want your kids to be friends with. The entire cast is so talented and it’s so good to see a show that doesn’t talk down to its viewers. Thank you so much for this, it has been a gift.

  36. I am so very late, but I just finished watching this with my 8yr old and OMG I loved it. It took me back to when I was a kid and my friends. Great show and sad that it ended but I totally understand why. We need more shows like this on TV.

  37. Without doubt the best show me and my 3 daughters have ever watched. A good few tear were shed in this Scottish house as we watched the final episode tonight. Brilliant TV so cleverly write and brilliantly acted. Thank you so much.

  38. Our whole family loved this show and we are so sad it is over! It is so difficult to find something everyone enjoys especially with a good message!
    Do you have any recommendations for anything close to Gortimer?

  39. I am 61 and really enjoyed this show, sad to see it go.


  40. My children and I love this show
    Please write more!!!!!

  41. We are really sad that the show has ended. My 9, 7, and 4 year old children have watched each season 2 or more times…in the hopes that soon a new season would be made available. So sorry to have to tell them that it won’t be. My husband and I admittedly watched along with the kids on many occasions. Great show. Well done!

  42. This has been THE FAVORITE show for our Grandchildren ! So wholesome and something we ALL enjoy watching … one right after the other. Hate that it stopped – it really, really has been a pleasure to watch TV again .

  43. I had been putting off watching the last episode in the hope that, like Gortimer, I might force some magic into the world and keep the series going infinitely — maybe with a rainbow projector. This show is one in a million, and, like a great friend, will never be forgotten. Thank you, everyone who had anything to do with the production of this excellent series, for putting so much into Gortimer Gibbon. And…that music! The perfect song theme for Normal Street: bittersweet and beautiful.


    June 21, 2017 at 2:42 pm

    I am so sad that the end of Gortimer Gibbons has come. My daughter and I love the show. She keeps saying the next season will be called Gortimer Gibbons lived on Normal Street. I don’t think I will tell her quite yet that the last season was the end of the series, she is 7 and I don’t think she is ready to hear that. I could barely even watch the last episode it was so sweet and sad. Anyway thank you for a great series, with great characters, it was truly enjoyed!

  45. It weird that I a fourty something year old man has fell in love with this show? The storytelling and acting is amazing , so sad to see it go

  46. Just watched this from start to finish with my kids. I cried and felt such emotion. Such a great show. Glad we stumbled on it. Love.

  47. It is so hard to find a show that my entire family really likes and looks forward to watching. I have an 11 year old, 7 year old and two 4 year olds and they all cheer when we get a chance to watch Gortimer. I also have told the kids that they aren’t allowed to watch it without me! Bravo on a wonderful show that appeals to ALL ages and really teaches kids that loyalty, kindness, perseverance, and humility are admirable attributes to have! I am so tired of the shows marked to my middle schooler- full of dating drama, disrespect, idiotic adults and not very nice children. This show definitely filled a gap for our family, and I really am excited to see what’s next from you!

  48. One of the best shows on the planet my kids will be terribly saddened by it ending as will I. So unfortunate it won’t be on blue ray or DVD anytime soon or I would buy it in a heartbeat for my kiddos. Have you thought about making a movie of the series? Or books even? Thank you so much for such a great series and memories I’ll cherish with my babes forever. I hope that you’ll come up with another amazing show soon!

  49. Amazing! This show is a welcome relief from the usual teen/tween drama out there. I’m 44, a wonder years enthusiast to the core, and this is the best show of its genre easily. Thank you sooooo much for creating this world and these characters. Truly a masterpiece. This show has brought our family closer together. My daughter is more proud of who she is. I will watch/read anything you create, Mr. Anaxagoras.

  50. Thanks for this show! My 12 year old son and I just found it a few weeks ago and are coming to the end of season 2. Amazon doesn’t have season 3 yet but we will watch it when we can find it. The actors are fantastic! I love that Gortimer shows an emotional breadth and depth that is sorely lacking in roles for boys and men, and that the girls are smart, brave and strong…turning stiff and boring gender roles on their ears! I love the ethical dilemmas each story poses, shows the consequences of taking the left turn, instead of perhaps what might be a more conscientious path, then having a shot at bringing things back into balance, with honesty and sincere apologies and making it up to people. Plus the magic is so fun! Such creative story lines…with a wonderful, non trite message at the end! My son loves these shows as much as I do!

    • I’m glad you found spending time with our characters worthy, and I hope your son did as well. The true magic of Normal Street is in the characters — they don’t have superpowers, but they have love and empathy and compassion and a strong moral compass. These things help and protect more than any magic wand ever could. Thanks for watching.

  51. I just recently finished season three – I mean 2B. And wow. This really did me in. My dad and I watched this together, and he exclaimed at the end, “They have to keep it going! Maybe they’ll do, ‘Gortimer Gibbon’s life in the city!’” And as I peered from behind my blanket, huge tears in my eyes I said, “No, Dad. It wouldn’t be the same.” This show was so wonderful, definitely my favorite show ever – by far. I’m a 19 year old girl currently dealing with the “consequences” of growing up. This show hit so close to home and it will be one of my greatest treasures. I don’t know if you’ll see this comment, but thank you, and all involved, for creating this.

    Me, who is trying to grow up

    P.S. I literally tell all my friends about this show. They think I’m nuts, but just they wait until they watch it and sob with me!

    • I do see your comment. I hear you. And I appreciate your response. I love hearing that you and your father enjoyed the show together, and that you displayed such wisdom in realizing that if the show tried to continue, it wouldn’t be the same anyway.

  52. My son and I just discovered Gortimer about 6 months ago. This series is so well written! It’s a really nice family oriented show that we love to watch together. For my 8 year old to sit still through every episode and stay interested from beginning to end is no easy feat! We’ll continue to rewatch the series as long as Amazon plays it. We hope you have new projects on the horizon!

  53. Replying on my dads account i’m a big fan i love it some episodes made me cry like when Gordimer found out he was leaving i love the series sad to see it end will there ever be a prequel of some sort love the characters so much. Sincerely Elodie age 9 nine PS my dad put the end credits song as an alarm

    • Great to hear from you Elodie. Sasha, our composer, I’m sure, would be tickled to know one of her compositions serves as your alarm. I’m so glad you enjoyed the show. The prequels, sequels, and other adventures on Normal Street are there for you to dream and imagine. I leave it to you.

  54. Here in Scotland, my daughter and I love this programme SO much. We haven’t watched the last series of episodes yet but looking forward to the great quality we’ve come to expect. Can’t wait to see any of your future projects…

  55. Robert Freund

    April 9, 2018 at 5:06 pm

    I’m never emotionally moved by any form of entertainment, but I welled up a bit during the final episode. The show was head and shoulders above any other show on television, in any metric, in my opinion. Kudos on a job amazingly done and thank you and everybody involved for sharing with us.

  56. Peggy Sanders

    July 3, 2018 at 9:39 am

    Such a wonderful program. I watched it with my three grandchildren. In the episode where GG explodes at his mom was so intense two of my grandchildren were crying. The program touched us all and we all hated to see it end. Thank you for a great show to share with my grandchildren.

  57. I really wish they were not ending it. My 9yr old and I thoroughly enjoy watching it. She finishes each episode with great perspective on what it meant and how to apply the behavior to her everyday. She loves this show. I’m sad to hear it is coming to an end. I have definitely enjoyed the shows as well. Well written.

  58. My 10-yr. old daughter and I just discovered Gortimer, Mel, and Ranger this summer. We absolutely adore the show. As an older mom, it’s hard to find programming that is so sweet, clever, and thought-provoking at the same time. We haven’t even finished Season 2, but just found out that the show ended so I am crying already as I did during many of the shows. Bless you for creating such a lovely show that my daughter will share with her children one day.

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