Catch Me on the ‘Chicks Who Script’ Podcast, Episode the 72nd

I forgot to ask if being a guest on the Chicks Who Script podcast makes me an honorary chick, or if that's an honor reserved for something else. Regardless, I had a fun time discussing the art, science, and torture of TV-making and the business of writing with the...

The Man Who Was There

This was my first exposure to David Bowie. I was about 9 years old, staying up late and watching SNL, and witnessed the single most mind-bending, consciousness-expanding performance I had ever seen in my short number of years. It was one of the those moments when an...

WGA Award Nominated

I was sitting next to showrunner and series main-director Luke Matheny going over minor changes to our script for the finale. Our producer came over and said "Someone wants to talk to you". He held out his phone, speaker on, and the voice of our production manager...


David Anaxagoras is a TV writer (Glitch Techs, Gortimer Gibbon's Life on Normal Street) and will remember the 80s for you for a can of Jolt Cola and a pack of Pop Rocks.


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