The Year in Dave History, 2018

I have dusted off an old blog meme for a new year. I sporadically did this when the blog was more active, and I thought it would be a good way to both end the year and start anew.

I’m a Glitch Tech!

Introducing the Next Big Thing: Glitch Techs! Today I moved into my new office at Nickelodeon Animation Studio. I'm a writer on a new animated series, Glitch Techs, created by Eric Robles and Dan Milano -- two great guys that I'm...

I’m in a book – ‘TV Outside the Box’

On my way to writing good scripts, I wrote many terrible ones. In my long quest to improve, I found myself at UCLA. There, I spent two quarters with Professor Neil Landau at UCLA's Professional Program in Screenwriting. Not everyone is lucky enough to live...


David Anaxagoras is a TV writer (Glitch Techs, Gortimer Gibbon's Life on Normal Street) and will remember the 80s for you for a can of Jolt Cola and a pack of Pop Rocks.


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