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I’m David Anaxagoras and my short horror story, “Your Dasher Has Accidentally Awakened the Crawling Chaos by Gazing into the Loathsome Geometry of the Taco Pup Mega-muncher Meal Box” is now available to read for free at The Dread Machine. You can also order a print issue. Please visit my project page to check more of my work. 

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New Fiction in the Dread Machine

Your Dasher, Astrid, is Having a Tough Night

We are very sorry that malodorous bat-winged night-gaunts greedily captured and consumed your Large Cajun-spice Curly Fries, though it is a mystery how they did this considering their detestable, malignant faces have no mouths. Nevertheless, this is not the experience we wish our customers to have. 

Horror flash fiction. Published in The Dread Machine, Issue 3.1 and online February 8, 2023. 


David Anaxagoras writes fiction and TV. Loves cats and cold brew.







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