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Under a Star, Bright as Morning

Birthing a new God? Don’t forget your garbage-bag rain poncho.

A woman races to give birth to our new machine/AI Messiah under a shining star because that’s how the story goes.

Jo drives urgently as they race toward the star, not sure how far to go, racing because the baby is coming tonight, now, and He (a He, of course) is supposed to be born under the star, that’s how the story goes. The story, the new story and the old, begins with a visitor, a messenger. Molly had just logged out for the day when the monk knocked on her door.

Science fiction. Short story (1,054 words). Published in Lightspeed Magazine, issue 167 (April 2024).

I did not expect the end to play out the way it did. A satisfying, full-circle piece.

Myna Chang

Flash Roundup, April 2024

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