anything short of death is survivable

Cover of Lightspeed issue 135

It’s a tense, action-packed story about the resilience of hope, and it’s a wonderful read!
— Charles Payseur / Quick Sip Reviews

nice girls die fast

Olive feared she might vomit which would be a really dumb and dangerous thing to do since her mouth was sealed off (along with the rest of her skin) against the vacuum of space. Basically, her insides had nowhere to go. She swallowed hard. Only little kids got space sick and she wasn’t a little kid, she was fourteen. As soon as the hatch had opened and she went rushing out into the empty, Olive’s skin crystalized—just like it was supposed to. 

Olive is looking for a way out, and in the broken remains of a derelict warship, she just might have found it. ANYTHING SHORT OF DEATH IS SURVIVABLE is a tale of what we owe ourselves…and what we no longer owe others.

Science Fiction. Published in Lightspeed Magazine issue 135 (August 2021).


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