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Today the production goes on location for the first day of shooting for Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street season 2, episode 1, or “episode 201” as the cool kids call it.

I’ll be back at the office, however. There’s still much writing to do. This is the hardest part — feeling like all my friends are at a party, and I have homework to do.

Making a show is hard work creatively for sure, but it’s also hard work physically and my hat’s off to everyone today who is hauling equipment and cables and lights and chairs and monitors and props and doing all the other millions things I probably take for granted.

We had a marathon table reading of four episodes last week and it was the first time the cast was back together. It felt like no time had passed at all. It was great to hear Gortimer’s voice again, even if it is sounding more like a teenager’s voice and less like a kid’s.

I can’t say anything too specific about season 2, other than you will see all your favorite characters back in action. We have to acknowledge of course that the kids are a bit older, and taking tentative steps into teenage-hood. But as always, there is much fun, adventure, laughter and, yes, magic in store. And maybe a few tears. Most of all, we’ll continue to experience the enduring friendship of three very smart and resourceful kids. I hope to share more soon.

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  1. Barbara kroner Avatar
    Barbara kroner

    I am so excited that all is going so well!The show is outstanding and I can’t wait to see the fruits of your labor!The kids are fantastic!

  2. Steve Avatar

    Love your show – very excited that Amazon picked up additional seasons. Thank you for providing a great show for kids that lets them use their imagination!

    1. David Anaxagoras Avatar

      Thank you Steve! We’re all really excited about Season 2 and can’t wait to share!

  3. Stacy LaDuke Avatar
    Stacy LaDuke

    My family is so excited for more Normal Street! It is refreshing to find a show we can watch as a family and all be entertained. We love the characters and the adventures and I love how much my son loves it. Good luck with filming and production! We are anxiously awaiting!

    1. David Anaxagoras Avatar

      I’m so happy to hear that, Stacy. More adventures to come!

  4. Art Lum Avatar
    Art Lum

    Just finished season one and wanted to say how wonderful this show is. So glad to hear there’s more to come. My wife and I have enjoyed quirky kid shows before like Freaks and Geeks and Malcolm in the Middle. You have something really special here, and we love it!

    1. David Anaxagoras Avatar

      Great to hear from you, Art. I love hearing that people of all ages enjoy the show.

  5. Anjanette Mensa Avatar
    Anjanette Mensa

    It is very unusual to find a show that my entire family will watch, teenagers included. This one nails it–we would anticipate a new one each evening and my kid have re watched ( I have, too!) them all numerous times. The acting, writing, production–all are top notch. Thank you. We can’t wait for season two!

    1. David Anaxagoras Avatar

      Thank you, Anjanette. I love that you stretched the show out to one a night. We’ll have some fresh ones to put in rotation soon!

  6. Debra Avatar

    My nine-year-old son is dying to know when season 2 will be available. Any information on the premier date? Thanks!

    1. David Anaxagoras Avatar

      I’m happy to hear your son is such a fan, Debra, but sorry to say Amazon hasn’t announced a launch date yet for Season 2. I can tell you this — we are going as fast as we can in post to get the episodes done! We won’t waste time getting them out there, I promise :)

      1. Debra Avatar

        Thanks for your reply. We will continue to wait patiently for new episodes! By the way, my son thinks it’s pretty neat that you personally responded to my question. :)

      2. David Anaxagoras Avatar

        Heh – well I think it’s pretty neat that we have such devoted fans. Without our viewers, we’re nothing. Always happy to answer questions. So thanks to you and and your son for watching :)

  7. chris denison Avatar
    chris denison

    Just received a txt from my 7 year old daughter who is lying on a beach in Sardinia whilst I am back in the rainy UK. I txt’d her “having a great time?” . Txt response was “Daddy, I miss Gortimer”. We must have seen series 1 at least 6 times. Phenomenal work.

    Ps. My 7 year old has the most incredible imagination… she has written three of her own episodes. favourite one is the boy with no knees…

    1. David Anaxagoras Avatar

      Wow. I hope she was able to muddle through her vacation without Gortimer :) I’m happy to hear we’ve made such an impression and thrilled that she finds our little world worthy of her imagination. Thanks for watching!

  8. elnalter Avatar

    I fell in love with the show. It reminded me a lot of a 90s favorite of mine. Pete & Pete on Nickelodeon; surreal and bizarre with some serious and sentimental moments caught between the panes of zany. I’m looking forward to more seasons. The 3 friends are fantastic as well as the other supporting characters(would love to see Abigail and the Fickle Fortune Teller make a return.

    1. David Anaxagoras Avatar

      You will soon see one of your wishes come true.

  9. Kim Avatar

    Hey David! We are really lovin’ the show! Can’t wait for another season! We were wondering? Did you do much filming in Ocean Beach, CA?