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Fresh Start

I’ve done some rearranging of the furniture, so to speak. The website is now less blog-oriented and more … whatever the opposite of blog-oriented is. The blog is still here, obviously, since you are reading this post. But lets all admit I’m not as frequent a blogger as I used to be. And I’m afraid I have to confess something about the blog I’ve been avoiding — that it has to mutate and evolve along with me. Once it was a very raw, open look at a struggling writer, sleep-deprived film student, dream-deferred artist. But now the dream has arrived and the blog has to evolve into a reflection of whatever this new, professional life looks like. (For the record, sleep is still scarce, and the struggle doesn’t end just because you get your WGA card). If you don’t know what I’m talking about that’s okay, I’m not sure I do either. I guess I just felt — after everything I’ve been through in the last couple of months — that I could use a fresh start in some area of my life. 

Along the lines of establishing a more professional presence on the web, I’ve set up a separate Facebook page. My personal Facebook is for people I actually know in true life. For those who like to keep up with things via Facebook but haven’t been burdened with my real-world friendship, you now have an option: you can like my professional page. If you do desire more frequent updates, and something that is bound to be a little more impulsive and raw, feel free to follow me on Twitter where I will eventually tweet something I regret, I assure you.

I was featured in an article in California Sunday Magazine all about the new age of television and streaming in kids programming. It’s one of the most in-depth treatments of the topic I’ve seen, and there are interviews with Amazon’s top kids exec Tara Sorensen (who was there from the start with Gortimer) and also with Gortimer show runner Luke Matheny. There’s even a peek inside Dreamworks Animation and Netflix. It’s a big read.

The article also features some stunning photography from Spencer Lowell, who was very kind and patient with me and took one of the few pictures of me I can stand to look at. He graciously gave me permission to use it here on the website.

Two of my fellow screenbloggers from way back in the day, Emily Blake and Michael Patrick Sullivan, have collaborated on a short film. They seem such a perfect fit I can’t believe they haven’t done this before. If you’re a Doctor Who fan you’ll find this especially grin-inducing, but even if you aren’t, its charm is undeniable.

For those of you following along: a Dave health update. I recently suffered a serious infection and have been left with complications that make it difficult to walk or even sit for long periods, and I can no longer drive. I’ve been hoping for some relief soon, but after seeing a second specialist, it looks like things are staying as they are and I’m in this for the long haul. As my manager says, at least I can still write. Mentally I’m shifting from hoping for a quick fix to adapting to a less mobile lifestyle. I’m lucky also to have my Amazon family around me at this time. They’ve been incredibly supportive and accommodating. You definitely find out who your friends are in a health crisis. You never forget those who rallied around you.

And finally, an update on the show. We’re headed into the last three weeks of shooting our new round of 13 episodes and I’m sort of stunned at how fast the time has gone. I’m starting to hate endings — really hate them. Everyone has worked very hard and I’m sure they’re ready for a break but it’s always different for me. It’s especially hard this time around because my condition kept me away from the set and the office so much. I feel like everyone was at a party and having a great time, and now that I’ve finally arrived the party is breaking up and everyone is going home.

The cure to endings, of course, is new beginnings. Fresh starts. And I hope to have some of those as well.

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  1. Sloane Morgan Siegel Avatar

    Nice fresh start. We’re here for you David.

    1. David Anaxagoras Avatar
  2. Carol Petrie Avatar

    Hi, Dave. So sorry to hear about your illness. It can be devastating when things go wrong, especially with your health. It’s good to hear that you’re facing it head on and with a positive attitude. Hang in there. I wish you all the best.

    1. David Anaxagoras Avatar

      Thank you, Carol. There’s nothing to do now but find a way ahead, and it’s certainly given me a new appreciation for what I do have.