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The Boy Who Ran from His Faerie Heart


A fragile human boy whose shattered heart is barely held together with spider silk confronts his true feelings for a faerie boy.

Here is a boy, barely thirteen, broken, lying in the road, twisted metal around him, twisted metal in him. Here is his heart, pierced by the shrapnel of the truck, a truck no longer, now a confusion of tangled wire and torn steel and glass pebbles. The boy’s name is Sheridan. He will live a few minutes more.

Fantasy short story published in Lightspeed Magazine, issue 159 (August 2023).

Be sure to check out the accompanying Author Spotlight for background on this story and my writing process.

“Both an imaginative fantasy and an intimate psychological portrait.”

Victoria Silverwolf

Tangent Online

“A nicely written love story.”

Sam Tomaino


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